Long Beach Unit 

 August 15, 2011


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

           CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


            AUGUST 14 Unit Game:   Overall results:  1st in A:  Verna Baccus/Marilyn Christy,  2nd Baum Harris/Steve Skinner,  3rd Kaye Amdon/Eileen Niesen,  4th Fern Dunbar/Linda Stein,  5th John Petrie/Janet Logan,  6th Cayce Blanchard/John Killian.  In the B flight overall Keith and Susan Hafen were 3rd,  Richard and Robert Bakovic 4th,  Anne Harrington/Hanefi Erten 5th,  and Sean Lui/Aaron Jones  6th.  Congratulations to all!

 70+% GAMES in the club July 16 through August 15:   In open games:   July 20 Cory Hand/Tom Skidmore had 70.50%,  Aug 3 Betty McClellan/Toni Morford had 71.39%,  Aug 5 Stanley Snyder/Ron Lien had 76.85%.  And in the 99er game Aug 11 Don and Leayn Johnson had 73.33%.    Congratulations to you all!

BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:  1st over-all big point awards July 16 through August 15:  July 22 Charlotte and Steve Sturm 4.33mp,  July 25 Ralph Beazley/Irwin Bender 3.36mp,  July 26 Brandon Sheumaker/Ted Gibbs 3.79mp,  July 27 Bob Mault/Verna Baccus 3.25mp,  July 29  Gary King/Brandon Sheumaker 4.33mp,  Aug 7 Bee Kinman/Joan Tschirki 3.50mp,  Aug 8 Sankar Reddy/Bruce Horiguchi 5.17mp,  Aug 9 Eddie Gruber/Diane Starbuck 6.33mp,  Aug 9 eve Betty Williams/Gale Grub 3.00mp,  Aug 10 Brandon Sheumaker/Gary King 5.17mp,  Aug 10 eve Tariq Latif/Iftikhar Baqai 3.00mp,  Aug 11 John Melis/Cayce Blanchard 4.50,  Aug 12 Earl VanDerVord/Mike Daley 6.33mp,  Aug 13 Earl VanDerVord/Sean Lui 4.17mp,  Aug 14 Verna Baccus/Marilyn Christy 3.68mp.  Big awards for second place:    July 22 Suzie and John Hand 3.25mp;  July 29 Larry Topper/Bob Goldstein 3.25mp;  Aug 8 Jackie Hess/Shirley Carroll 3.88mp;  Aug 9 Loren Hilf/Baum Harris 4.75mp;  Aug 10 Phyllis Parker/John Petrie 3.88mp;  Aug 12 tie for second place:  Cecil Cook/Bruce Horiguchi tied with Sam Wang/Xingpin Kang each earning 4.16mp;  and on Aug 10 Jerry Cassady/Aaron Jones won 3.06mp for 3rd overall.  Congratulations to all!

STATUS CHANGES:  Club Master:  Rosalie Storc;  Sectional Master:  Sue Boswell;   Regional Masters:  George Alemshah, Bob Ballack, Bonny Walsh;  NABC Master:  Cindy Firnett;  Life Master:  Pamela Cole;  Bronze Life Master:  Michael Shaw.   Congratulations to you all!

           UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:   August 22-28  Great Western STaC Silver Points, Hand Records, overall awards.  Monday Sept 5 Labor Day unit-rated game.  Wednesday Sept 14 at 7pm ACBL-wide instant matchpoint game.  Monday Sept 19 unit-rated Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day game.  September 18 Unit Game at Leisure World (Seal Beach)--lunch 12:30, game at 1pm.  The LBBC will be open on Sept 18th  for the regular 1pm Sunday game for those not attending the unit game.  Wednesday Sept 21 7pm Inter-Club championship game.  And Saturday, Sept 24 through Friday, Sept 30  International Fund Week games—extra points, hand record; fee:  $11. 

           CONDOLENCES to the family and friends of Ardis Weiser, Nick Bailey and George Saffeels who passed away last month.

           GET WELL WISHES to Doris Drew.

         NEWS FROM LEISURE WORLD from Gene Yaffee:  Swiss Team Event a Big Success!

There were 14 teams entered in the first time event on August 1.  Winning team was: Gloria Sedore, Linda Carder, Stan Blitz and Cookie Pham with 4 wins and a score of 56.00.  Second was the team of Chie Wickham, Lois Curci, Kay Hyland and Lynne Finley with 4 wins and a score of 51.00  The format was an enthusiastic success with another event being planned for November or December! 

           BIG SCORES--Sharon Beran & Joan Tschirki with a 71% game on August 6.

There were 2 Club Championship games in July.

Winners on 7/18 in Clubhouse #3 were

1st in Strat A, Larry Slutsky & Bill Linskey with a 66.64% game.

2nd in Strat A, Gloria Sedore & Betty Jackson.

1st in Strat B, Midge Dunagan & Julie Cunningham

2nd in Strat B, Lottie Kostar & Betty Sichel 

Betty Scharf & Bill Robinson swept the field in both Strat A & B on July 29 in Clubhouse #1.

2nd in Strat A, Bee Kinman & Joan Tschirki

2nd in Strat B, Sebbie Thompson & Stan Blitz 

           UNIT 557 GAME -- SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18--Lunch & Bridge will be held in Clubhouse #1, beginning at 12 noon for sign-ins.  There will be two sections--Open and Non-Life Master.  Partnership person will be available.  Registrations are a MUST by September 17!  Call Ted Wieber at 596-8661 or Ruth Kaller at 430-0316  for further information and/or to register to play.

          Results of all Leisure World games are posted on www.acblunit557.org 

          Gene Yaffee,    Leisure World Duplicate Bridge      562/430-7040

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