Long Beach Unit


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

†††††††††† CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


†††††††††††† A///UGUST 8 STaC GAME (37 tables):Overall results in the open game: 1st in A, Mark Itabashi/John Farr; 2nd, Stephen Goldstein/Diane Starbuck; 3rd, Earl VanDerVord/Michael Daley; 4th, Irwin Bender/Lois Abramson; 5th, Donna Wenberg/Betse Straub; 6th, Doris and Dwayne James. Overall winners in the B flight were:1st: Stephen Licker/Dick Sands; 2nd Sandy Bernard/Al Lum; 3rd, Tom Harris/Cory Hand; 4th, Fred Benedetti/Ron Spain. And in the Cs, overall, Jim Fu and Bettyanne Houts were 1st, and Julie Mills and Marjorie Homes were 2nd. Congratulations to all!†††††††††††

††††† 70+% GAMES through/// 8/15: Six pairs had 70+% in open games during this reporting period: Rich Wasser and Jon Yinger had a 72.60% game on July 29, Bruce Horiguchi/Len Beck 76.11% Aug 4, Marcie Evans/Lina Cheng 72.73% Aug 7, Stephen Goldstein/Diane Starbuck 70.11% Aug 8, Mark Itabashi/John Farr 71.07% also on Aug 8, Sandy Lex/Bernie Gresko 71.7% Aug 11 and Len Beck/Lois Abramson 70.49% on Aug 11. And the mysterious Hershy Mault, playing in the Easy Bridge games, had 76%, 74% and 78% games (usually 15-board games) on July 26, July 30 and Aug 2 playing with Phylis Fader, Dottie Thompson and MaryLyn Lopez. OK, who is this Hershy Mault, and how can I get a game with him? 

BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:July ///18 Stanley Snyder and Len Beck won 3.67mp for 1st overall, and on July 28 Mort Futterman and Stanley Snyder won 4.83mp for 1st overall.Also in the July 28 game Bruce and Chiye Horiguchi won 3.63mp for 2nd overall. In the Aug 7 STaC game Marcie Evans and Lina Cheng won 19.43mp for first overall in the district; thatís in addition to the 1.67mp they won at the club. 21mps for one game.Wow! And at the Las Vegas nationals the team of Sue Fardette, Tybie Becker, Irene Hirschland and Vincent Remedios each won 18.97mp for winning two knockout events and one Swiss team event. Congratulations to you all!

UP-DA////TE ON BUDGET PROBLEMS: In response to the increasing cost of distributing the monthly District 23 newsletter, our Unit 557 Board of Directors voted to support making copies of the monthly newsletter available at the clubs, saving the mailing expense. Because of the possibility that the newsletters, once read, might create a new source of trash, the board supports trying this approach for a month or two before making it permanent. Members could still arrange to have the newsletter mailed to them for $2/month.

NEW MEMBERS and NEW STATUS: We issue a warm welcome to new members ///Peggy Fleming, Gail Frank, Nusheen Javadizadeh, Shinn Joyce, Sylvia Kaprelyan, Claire Warne and Marcia Westlake. And welcome transfers into our unit: Jeanne and Robert Allen, and Al and Sharon Appel. Congratulations to Lenard Lakofka who made life master at the Las Vegas nationals and Hank and Fern Dunbar who became bronze life masters.

B///ERNARD MANN is leaving. By the time this column is printed, he will be on his way to Washington to learn how to fix watches (canít he learn that here?). Good luck and godspeed.

†††††††††††† UP-COMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB: S////ept. 8th at 7pm: Stratified open team game. Sun. September 14, 1:00 Unit Game.Sept 22nd thru the 28th: District 23 STaC week; card fee $10.

†††††††††††† CONDOLENCES t////o the family of Shirley Thomas who passed away last month.She will be sorely missed.

†††† ††††††††GET WELL WISHES to ////Walter Rothstein and Jim Howard. And welcome back Shirl Ross and Larry Slutsky.

†††††††††††† HELP THE COLUMNIST: I apologize if I have missed an award or status change. Please let me know. If you have any news items you would like to see in the column, my email is jyinger1@gmail.com or you can reach me at 714-256-0250.