Long Beach Unit

April 15, 2010


by Jon Yinger

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

†††††††††† CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


††††††††††† APRIL 11 UNIT GAME:Overall results: 1st in A: Cayce Blanchard/John Killian, 2nd Jo and John Melis, 3rd Keith and Susan Hafen, 4/5 Chiye and Bruce Horiguchi tied with John and Bea Bralliar,6thVerna Baccus/Marilyn Christy.B Flight in the overalls:3rd Kim Wang/Chien-San Han,4th Aaron Jones/Jerry Cassady, 5th Penny Wentworth/Eva Mroz, 6th Eileen Nelson/Pat Duran.C flight:4th Joan Kaye/Bobbie Abel,5th Ted Cooper/Faye Phillips, 6th Hashim Mahmoud/Thambu Nadarajah.Overall winners in the Non-Life Master game were:1st Dee and Porter Clary, 2nd Diane and Roy Tomooka,3rd Doreen Maes/Phyllis Greenstein, 4/5 tie between Arlene Spatz/Dale Blessing and Tsu Jan/David Hwang.Congratulations to all! 
†††††††††††††70+% GAMES 3/16 through 4/15: In the Weds afternoon open game March 24 Cecil Cooke/Eugene White had a 71.70% game.In NLM games Carmela Chiurazzi/Sharon Biederman had a 69.83% game on March 20,Sue Blom/Michael Bucklein had a 70% game on April 3 and Cayce Blanchard/John Melis had a 70.37% game on April 13.And in a game at Leisure World on April 12, Beatrice Winkel and Ethel Tesser had a 71.13% game.Congratulations to all!!

BIG MASTER POINT AWARDS:1st over-all big point awards March 16 through April 15:March 17 Toni Morford/Betty McClellan won 3.40mp in the afternoon game, Earl VanDerVord/Sean Lui won 3.50mp in the evening game;in the Unit Game April 11 Cayce Blanchard/John Killian won 5.95mp;April 12 Sibyl Slutsky/Phil Schuster won 3.58mp; April 13 Jo Daigle/Bev Shafer won 3.79mp; and April 15 Jo Daigle/Doris James won 3.14mp.(Welcome back Jo!)Big awards for 2nd and 3rd overall:in the April 11 unit game Jo and John Melis won 4.46mp for 2nd over-all, Keith and Susan Hafen won 3.35mp for 3rd over-all.Congratulations to all!

NEW MEMBERS and NEW STATUS: We issue a warm welcome to new members Denis Higginson, Jean Higginson, Roberta Johansson, Janet Logan, Donna North and Craig Thorsen.All of the new members this month are transfers from other units.Welcome to Long Beachl!Status changes: Junior Master: Carmela Chiurazzi; Club Master: Richard Kickens;Sectional Masters:Pamela Cole, Joyce Henderson and Peter Woodruff.Congratulations to you all!!

†††††††††† UP-COMING SPECIAL EVENTS AT THE CLUB: May 3rd through 9thWestern Conference STaC games every day:regular prices, extra points, hand records.Sunday May 16 Unit Gameólunch at 12:30, game at 1pm†††††††††

†††††††††† CONDOLENCES to Marcie and Marcus Evans whose beloved Rochelle passed away earlier this month.All the members of the Bridge Center send their heart-felt sympathy.

†††††††††† GET WELL WISHES to Betty Barton, Ed Neuroth and Joy Rosenthal.

†††† †††††GET ON THE E-MAIL LIST FOR THE NEWSLETTER:If you miss getting the newsletter by snail mail (itís been more than a year since the district quit mailing them out), you can have me send you a copy by e-mail.Send me your e-mail address and Iíll put you on the list.My email is jyinger1@gmail.com.