Long Beach Unit


By Christine Frumen


UNIT GAME & AWARDS DAY – Sunday, April 22

 Lunch at 12:30 – Awards at 1pm – Game at 1:30 pm




APRIL UNIT GAME & ANNUAL AWARDS DAY: This is the game that we get our “rewards” for good play for the past year! Always a good turnout so you will want to be there to help honor our “rewarded” players.

FEBRUARY UNIT GAME RESULTS: February’s Unit Game brought out eighty-eight players (that’s twenty-two tables – just wanted to see if you’re paying attention). Overall winners were: 1st, Fred Theurkauf & George Thompson; 2nd, Bob Stoldt & Cayce Blanchard; 3rd, Betty McClelland & Mary Schefter; 4th, Pat Durand & Eileen Nelson, 5th, Frank Bartlett & Betty McClelland and 6th, Al & Sharon Appel. Flight C winners were 1st, Bob Stoldt & Cayce Blanchard; 2nd, Al & Sharon Appel and 3rd, Penny Wentworth & Eva Mroz. As mentioned in last month’s column, the Pot Luck was a winner!

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: We have two new members to our unit this reporting period, William Smith and Dianne Tomooka and we warmly welcome them both. Peggy Graue, Julie Osborne and Wally Simmons have reached Junior Master rank. Michael Daley, Nhuong Pham and Nayana Vora are new Club Masters. Tom Ludwig and Dale Manos became Bronze Life Masters. And again this month we gained two new Life Masters – Fern Dunbar and Peter Eddy. (Fern’s husband, Hank got his Life Masters last month since he retired before her and got to play a little more often). Congratulations!

70+% GAMES: CA may be experiencing a shortage of rainfall but our club has had a nice share of 70+ % games this reporting period from 2/12 – 3/13. Avie Bombard & Donald Sherman, 70.0%; Steve Sturm & Charlotte Sturm, 70.24%; Margo Coffman & Steve Rowe, 71.70%; Bill Wilson & Earl Van der Vord, 71.06%; Julie Osborne & Peggy Graue, 74.17% and the biggest game was earned by Bruce & Jan Peterson with a whopping 75.0%. Good playing, people! If you have a 70% game, please put a note to this reporter.  It ain't bragging if you can back it," said Dizzy Dean back in 1934

THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: We kick off the month with a week or Championship Games (regular prices – regular schedule) starting April 9 through April 15. The monthly Stratified Open Team Game is scheduled for Monday, April 9 at 7 pm and it will be included in those extra points games that week. And of course, our Unit Game and Awards Day on April 22 as previously noted.

            CONDOLENCES: Sara Langley’s mom, Marie passed away. We extend our sympathies to her and her family.

            ON THE TOURNAMENT TRAIL NEWS: Diane Sachs, Sue Sood, Barry Ko, and Jason Chu took a first in Swiss teams at the Los Angeles Regional. Steve Sulzby, Mark Tang, Shiu-Ming Huang, Matt Chiwo Leung finished fourth and Peter Eddy, Jan Wagner, Lavonne McQuilkin and Carol Murakoshi also finished sixth in B and second in C. Nice playing!  

            ROSTER UPDATE: After discussing the roster, ad nauseam, your board has decided that players can “opt out” of the printed listing. If you DO NOT want to be listed, contact Jan Wagner at 562-421-8014 and let her know that you wish to be excluded. You will be notified in this column again next month. If you want to be listed, do nothing – only if you wish to be excluded should you call Jan. The roster will then be compiled from the ACBL records. If you’ve moved or changed any of your information since the last time you paid your ACBL dues, contact them to get your info corrected. Only after this two month notification window will the Unit Board will be printing new rosters so we are a few months away from the actual roster but it’s “in the works”.

THIS AND THAT: In today’s day and age, it is easy enough to find most anyone on the net. Baum Harris was a man people were looking for – his high school class people, that is. They didn’t have to look far because of our web site, his name, and this reporter’s column and phone number. We got a message on our answer machine from a man who wanted to get in touch with Baum, we forwarded the message to Baum (of course, he didn’t remember the man or his name because that was a gazillion years ago) but Baum did call the fellow back, recalled who he was and may be going to a class reunion back east. All because of this column and Keith Hafen’s club website. Does that make me a columnist of national renown since they read me a continent away from CA?

            For new items, email me at golfgal@charter.net or call me at 562-434-8993. We try to print all news items forwarded.