Long Beach Unit


by Christine Frumen



UNIT GAME Sunday, April 23 AWARDS DAY   

Lunch at 12:30 – Awards at 1pm – Game at 1:30 pm


APRIL UNIT GAME: Mark April 23 on your calendar. You won’t want to miss the Unit Awards Game. Note that the times are a little earlier so if you want lunch (and it seems like you always do) be there at 12:30 before the awards. Don’t forget Unit Games pay extra points!

FEBRUARY UNIT GAME RESULTS: Twenty tables in two sections played in the Feb. Unit game.  Winners were: 1st, Betty McClellan & Mary Schefter; tied for 2nd 3rd, Ernie Frank & Audrey Ellis and Al Mastron & Paul Pettler; 4th, Calvin & Jo-Anne Waller. Again the NLMs played in the Open game and we are happy to report the Flight C top three winners; 1st, Cory Hand & Jose Rodriguez, 2nd, Sherry Royce & Nancy Karl and 3rd, Sue & Keith Hafen. Come on out to these Unit Games, NLMs. It’s not so scary. You have a chance to get your name in the paper if you score and – who knows – you might just learn something from the Open Game players. They don’t bite! Speaking of bite, the able cooks for the game were Donna Wenberg and Verna Baccus. Thanks to them and anyone else who helped.

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: Steve Aucello is our newest member. Welcome! Our newest Club Masters are Doug Preble and Nancy Speizer. Doris Richardson has reached Regional Master status. And Margo Coffman is our newest Silver Life Master. Keep up the good work. Congratulations to all!  

70+% GAMES: Oops, another 70% game was missed last month. Diana Black and Tom Cotton had a 73.81% game in February. Dwayne James & Phyllis Parker scored a 72.16% game in March.

THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: The monthly Stratified Open Team Game is scheduled for 7:00 pm on Monday, April 10. There will be a week of Championship Games beginning Monday, April 24 through Sunday, April 30 – regular schedule and prices. Reminder: there are classes starting this month for everything from Beginners to Intermediate players. If you know someone whom you think would enjoy this wonderful game of ours, don’t hesitate to mention these starting classes to them. Check the Bridge Club ad for times and dates.

AND THE WINNERS ARE… (first, second & third place – see bulletin board for full report)


Rookie:                         Beverly Lyse, Monica Gettis, Jean Ingram

Junior Master:                Mike Ullman, Tom Skidmore, Jan Wagner

Club Master:                  Cory Hand, Sue Fardette, Tom Harris

Sectional Master:           Kay Tseng, Hank Dunbar, Sherry Royce

Regional Master:            Ruth White, Carol Murakoshi, Shinko Mauritz

                        NABC Master:               Jon Yinger, Bill Linskey, Steve Sulzby

                        Life Master:                   Susan Hand, Mark Tang, Cayce Blanchard

                        Bronze Life Master:        Earl VanDerVord, Margo Coffman, Rich Wasser  

                        Silver Life Master:          Irwin Bender, Bill Wilson, Lois Perovich

                        Gold Life Master:           Phyllis Parker, Bob Mault, Betty McClellan

                        Diamond Life Master:     Doris James, Dwayne James, Leo Bell


Rookie:                         Toa Zhu, Beverly Lyse, Jean Ingram

Junior Master:                Jan Wagner, Tom Skidmore, Mike Ullman

Club Master:                  Cory Hand, Tom Harris, Sue Fardette

Sectional Master:           Kay Tseng, David Goetz, Hank Dunbar

                        Regional Master:            Diane Sachs, Ruth White, Carol Murakoshi

                        NABC Master:               Steve Sulzby Jon Yinger, Gene Genebach

                        Life Master:                   Mark Tang, Susan Hand, Al Lum

                        Bronze Life Master:        Earl VanDerVord, Margo Coffman, Donna Wenberg          

                        Silver Life Master:          George Thompson, Irwin Bender, Bill Wilson

                        Gold Life Master:           Janet Ju, Phyllis Parker, Bob Mault (tied for 2/3)

                        Diamond Life Master:     Leo Bell, Doris James, Dwayne James


            OUR UNIT WEBSITE: Did you notice our website address at the top of this article? Many, many thanks to Keith Hafen. The NEW internet site is up and running and looks great! I encourage you to visit the site at www.acblunit557.org and see for yourself. Results for the previous week’s games – with recaps – will be posted weekly (on the weekend) plus it has loads of other information. Keith did an awesome job on this website!

            THIS AND THAT: This past month during the District 23 Silver Point Sectional at Clubs, the top five LB players who garnered the most cumulative points in this weeklong event were: Phyllis Parker, Steve Sulzby, Jo Daigle, Frank Bartlett and this reporter and partner, Bill Hume. Bill and I only played in one event and took a 1st OA (based on 110 tables), garnering 14.39 Silver. I’m pretty proud of that (and I play so little that my name never gets in the column – for playing, that is). Phyllis Parker & Dwayne James outshone that by the 1st OA garnering 16.58 Silver (based on 182 tables). Those were the two highest single scores by our club members. Good going to all who scored well in this event! All results are in the new website under “News”.   

            In the International Fund Game held 2/4, Sue & Keith Hafen were 1st OA and Harry O’Neil & Mary St. Julien were 2nd OA. Bravo to all our Unit players who did well this last reporting period.         

            Great news! The new Unit Rosters are here! Remember, one to a customer. We’ve waited a while for these to be complete. No complaints, please. We are thrilled to have them.

            Mary Jane Jones celebrates her 90th birthday this month – our most “senior” player. Happy Birthday, Mary Jane from all of us!

            CONDOLENCES AND GET WELL: We extend our sincere sympathy to Bea Kinman whose son recently passed away. Dottie Thompson had knee surgery and will be out recuperating for weeks. Get well, Dottie. Also, Frieda Kenigson is still having problems with her leg healing so remember her also with “Get Well Wishes.”  Phyllis Fox is also recuperating from a fall so we wish her “Get Well” wishes as well.


            For any news items you would like in the column, my email is golfgal@charter.net and my phone number is 562-434-8993.  Thanks again for all the reporters out there that give me bridge news.